Final Fantasy XV, Kingdom Hearts III Details Revealed by Tetsuya Nomura

Tetsuya Nomura, director of Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III, revealed today several new details on the two games by Square Enix, according to an Finaland interview.

Nomura revealed that the team working on Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 is made up of entirely different developers. This allows the original team to work on Kingdom Hearts III without worry of other projects. The extent to which Nomura is involved with Kingdom Hearts III is not well understood. The studio working on Kingdom Hearts III is in Osaka-a 300-mile drive from Tokyo. Regardless, Nomura claims to still be greatly involved through frequent meetings and telephone conferences for the game.

Nomura was asked about using any material from Disney’s recent acquisitions of Marvel and Lucas Arts. He expressed interest in using these Disney properties in Kingdom Hearts III. However, Nomura noted that there are a lot of rules and restrictions by Disney. He added that they still plan to have surprises in the game. The team has expressed interest in using Star Wars within the game as well.

“[W]e’ve been talking about Star Wars itself since it became Disney’s content recently,” Nomura said, referring to possible new content for Kingdom Hearts III

Nomura further revealed details on whether players can expect to play additional characters. While Sora will be the main character, the team is listening to fans who wish to play as their favorites.
When asked about the fashion found in Final Fantasy XV, Nomura revealed that a professional brand has made clothes for the game’s character. This allowed their computer graphics designers to look at and feel the real versions when designing their in-game counterparts.

Nomura also describes the extent to which Sora and Noctis are opposites. Sora means ‘sky’ and Noctis Caelum means ‘night sky.’ Nomura asserts that he has an excuse for choosing these names.

“There is a reason why I named these characters as opposites,” Nomura said but did not seek to elaborate.

The director considers the two characters to be like his own sons.

In terms of vehicles for Final Fantasy XV, there are no major plans. However, players can expect to use a car throughout most of the game. A magitek armor vehicle will also be usable. Additional types of vehicles are likely to surface in future announcements.

Nomura was asked about whether any female characters will be playable. The director could not go into details but mentioned that it would a hard thing to implement.

“I can’t say anything specific now but it would be… quite difficult, to have a girl playable,” the director of Final Fantasy XV said.

The difficulty to implement female characters raises questions surrounding the plot of the game, but only speculation can be made at this point.

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